Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Well, daddy is back to work after a two week vacation...and we miss him! We really had fun and enjoyed each others company :)
Back to last week: we had such a wonderful evening spent on the beach; we packed up our dinner, drinks and football for some relaxation and fun in the sand!

I just love these pictures of Eddie ~ he had a blast running, jumping

and, yes even laying in the waves :)

A "friendly" game of football with the dad's and kids!

I love how Maddy, Max & Eddie are "charging" :)

What a gorgeous evening, spent with our great friends!

After packing up our blankets, chairs, etc and then washing ourselves off; we headed into the town of West Hampton for some yummy desserts. It is such a pretty town and we always enjoy stopping off at this particular bakery - mmm, mmm good!

O.k, I had to add these pictures from the following day... the dad's took the older kids to a pre season Giants game; while my friend, Barb and I took the little ones (which would be Max, Maddy & Mia - the 3 "M's " ) to the book store, mall and dinner. Of course, we had to make a bathroom stop - they just enjoyed drying their little hands off SO much - it was adorable:
We spent every day last week with this wonderful family and, NO, we never tired of each others company. Even the kids were asking when we would see the "crazy C" family again! Now that's love :)

More to come of our "day-cations" ! Stay tuned


Debbie said...

So many great pictures and memories! More fun times ahead!

Barbara said...

What a fun week...I am so glad we stuck to our word and did "something" every day! I feel like we went away because it was so nice!