Saturday, August 15, 2009


On Wednesday night...Meggie's mom, Owen's mom and myself waited together to welcome Paige home ~ we had some wine, snacks and then an appetizer; trying to wait patiently for the arrival of little Miss Paige Min Shan!
Well, early Thursday morning, around 1 am!!! we finally met precious Paige Min Shan ~ she arrived HOME from Taiwan with her mom, dad and one of her big brothers (she met her big, big brother at the airport!)

Paige getting out of the car with mommy!
Paige meeting her furry sister!

Daddy & his girl!

Big, big brother, Kyle!!
Paige made the long trip home like a trooper ~ you can read and see more pictures on her blog: waiting for Paige Min Shan ~ don't forget to welcome her HOME!!!
*Sorry it's taken soooo long to post about the homecoming ~ daddy has been on vacation and we have been having many "day-cations"; which I will post about soon....

The next day: Mia Hope has been feeling all the excitement from Paige's homecoming and really, really wanted to see "baby Paige" ~ Auntie Lisa welcomed us on in, with only a few hours sleep ~ she was glowing though :)
Mia helps with the diapers after Paige's bath!

Paige is a smiley, happy, active little doll!
She makes Mia look like a GIANT!!
It's so funny how your perspective changes :)
Hugs for "baby Paige"

Paige is such an affectionate and easy going baby
She has blessed her family greatly,
and all of our lives :)
My little Mia looks HUGE :) next to Paige
It was just so sweet to see Mia interact with Paige. She has been looking forward to meeting "baby" (and playing with her toys :) It is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!
We Love You, Paige
and look forward to spending lots of time with you!!


Red Thread to my Daughter said...

Thank you so much for such a wonderful homecoming. We are soooo lucky to have you!! Paige is going to love playing with Mia.
Lisa, Paige and the rest of the gang.

Daniella said...

oh Paige is a doll!!! So happy for your friends! Yes Mia does look big next to her :) too cute.

3 Peanuts said...

Oh that is so exciting!!!!!!! She is adorable:) Mia looks like such a big helper:)