Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Mia Hope's first day at preschool went really well. . . I have to admit that her first day consisted of mommy & Mia going to preschool for an hour; it was sort of a "meet & greet" hour. BUT, she was really looking forward to going to see her school and her teacher(s) and the toys :) Mia in our "traditional" first day of school picture spot!

I am so very glad she really wanted to go ~ she was...

excited!!! "let's go!"

We met Meaghan Grace and her mommy in the parking lot (did I not mention that the girls are in class together!) and, of course, we had a photo-op on the front steps of the preschool :)

Meaghan Grace & Mia Hope

All smiles :)

Ooooooooooo, did they look darling!

my baby girl is a preschooler!

Do you think they've had enough with the picture-taking?

Once inside we got to meet the teacher(s) and check out the classroom. Oh what a beautiful, sunny and happy room it is, filled with puzzles, toys, arts & crafts ~ what every preschool should look like. Mia just went from one thing to another. . . kind of like a little tornado :) She really checked out everything and enjoyed the class ~ it was really, really nice :)

This next picture just really touches me... It is of Mia and her teacher Miss "J". In Sept 2006, Eddie started preschool here and had Miss "J" , and at this time I had just sent in our dossier to China and talked to Miss "J" about our plans to adopt our daughter. She shared with me pictures of her friend who had adopted from China. I remember looking at the photos of her friends adorable little girl, thinking...someday that would be me. Well, this is that someday. Now, Mia is blessed to have this wonderful, compassionate and loving teacher ~ WOW, sort of surreal :)

Mia and Miss "J"

I must admit, this mommy is nervous about leaving her little girl on Thursday for 2 1/2 hours. I know she will be in great hands; but I am so afraid of what she will think and how she will feel - I hope that I have conveyed that "mommy always comes back". It actually hurts my heart to think that she will feel this for even a moment. . . wish us well ~
Well, the boys start their first day of 6th and 1st grades tomorrow, and Mia will start up again with speech ~
one day at a time :)


Debbie said...

Just another beautiful journey in the world of Miss Mia and all that is to come... watch out world... she is going to do GREAT!

Red Thread to my Daughter said...

I am so happy she had a successful first day... Mia is going to LOVE preschool.

What a smile.

Colleen said...

Awwww what an exciting day for her!! I know she will do great!! I LOVE the first photo with her little hands folded. How special to have Meaghan starting school with her! (speaking of, I can no longer view her blog? I know she went private and she sent me an invite but for some reason can no longer view? Do you know if she changed things?)
Have a wonderful rest of the week!!!

Barbara said...

I am so happy that Mia had such a nice first day. She looks adorable, as always! I remember you telling me about E's teacher and the talks you had with her about adoption. It is amazing how much has changed in 2 short years. I think you have filled Mia up with so much love that she will always know in her heart that Mommy comes back!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow Jo, this brought tears to my eyes..I'm so glad M's first day went well, and I just love the pic of her and her teacher..! So sweet, and so touching to see her growing..you are an inspiration..

Aunt Michie...:)

Miriam said...

She looks SOOO sweet and happy...glad she had a good first day and has such a loving teacher!