Monday, December 07, 2009


We had our party with our good friends on Sunday ~ it was fun as usual. The kids are really getting big and there were times us girls were sitting around talking by ourselves...and all the kids were playing ~ weird! It is so nice how everyone gets along so well - it makes for a good, good time:

We tells the kids, "if you want to open presents,
you have to take a nice photo!"
It works!

Mia, Maxwell, Madison & Eddie
waiting for their presents!

Ant with a bow on top!

Happy boy!
(This Gl*w Station is an awesome gift -
you draw with this glow wand/stick -
all the kids got a kick out of it!)
Lex is liking her game!

Another happy boy!
These building block where a hit :)
Look what Maddy got!

We had them open one at a time, in the past it's gotten crazy
and you couldn't tell who got what from whom!
This worked real well :)

The face of Christmas :)

Eddie with his Aunt Debbie

hugs for Aunt Michie

Hugs for Aunt Barb

Mia & Maddy both got these adorable
Str*wberry Sh*rtcake cafes, they are real cute
a great gift!
Eddie is So into the Cl*ne Tr**pers this year
this blaster is awesome,
you can take it apart and make it in different ways.

The kids table
Eating in style in the dinningroom :)

The dads playing with their girls :)

Mia LOVES being tossed around!

Too much!

Deb, me, Barb & Mich
Thanks girls for another great night!


Barbara said...

It was so much fun! Thank you so much for EVERYTHING! Don't know what I would do without you. We sure are lucky. We have a real special group!

Debbie said...

I second that! Our wild family (I mean group) is the bestest! LOL :)

Anonymous said...

It was another memorable night. Thank you for a truly great holiday gathering. We are lukcy to all have each other and our tradition...Michie :)