Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Mia's "thing" lately, is making a party(which means a mess) all over the family room and livingroom. If it wasn't so adorable and if I didn't really look at the details; the flowers in the middle of the table ( which she took from my bathroom!), her dollies with a napkin on their laps ~ I could go nuts - you see, she takes things from ALL over the house for these parties...if I can't find something, I go to her party :)
love her concentration ~

and how she has to dress up for the party :)

I just adore my little party planner :)
who has a birthday coming up real soon ~
I feel pressure to plan a real good party...wonder why :)


Barbara said...

She is too cute...I think there is pressure on you to make a fabulous party for the party planner! Something tells me you will do just great!

Red Thread to my Daughter said...

This is very cute. What an imagination... but she had to learn it from somewhere my friend. And the snow pictures... Mia makes fun out of everything... gotta love it.

Colleen said...

Ohhhh my this is the cutest thing! What a precious party planner!! Looks like Mia can plan her own party!:)

Kevin, Debbi and Sarah said...

I'd certainly hire her to host my parties!!!! What a wonderful hostess she is! She's such a sweet little girl and I'm sure her dolls are having the time of their lives.