Thursday, January 07, 2010


While checking emails the other day I came across one from the yahoo group/orphanage group from Mia's SWI. The subject line said "photos from June 07", and I got that 'feeling', I knew there would be one of our Dan Dan/ Mia! And, yes "Child B" sure enough, is our daughter at 16 mos. old. It is a picture we do not have. It is priceless to us!

Mia is the sweetness to the right, those eyes, those cheeks :)

The mom who uploaded these photos to our group said she was organizing her daughter's photos and came across three photos with unidentifyed babies in them. We are so blessed to get a new photo of Dan Dan/Mia over 2 years later! I have already added it to her baby photo album ~ the more information and pictures we can give her - the better.

When I showed Mia the photo, she was very concerned for the baby in the background, the one laying in the crib. The baby laying on the flat board, just gazing out at the other babies. It can just break your heart ~

I guess I will always worry, wonder and pray for the poor children left behind. After showing this picture to my mother, she said, "I wonder what Mia will think when she sees these photos from when she was in the orphanage.." I know, even now, they can just break my heart ~

I guess I will always wonder what Dan Dan/Mia's life was like before she came home.


Barbara said...

It brings tears to my eyes seeing her picture and then to the right seeing her picture now. Just amazing...all she will know is her wonderful family and the life she has now! What a blessing!

Red Thread to my Daughter said...

How amazing that you would locate this photo. Mia has come so far and has enriched all our lives... We love her!!!!!

Daniella said...

wow Joanne - what a priceless gift!

Kevin, Debbi and Sarah said...

There's no mistaking those eyes and that cute face. What a wonderful photo to have and to keep to show her the journey she was on when she found you and you found her.