Wednesday, January 27, 2010


The other day Meggie's mom left her camera at school ~ the teachers took these photos of the kids ~ and we got to peek inside preschool :)

Oh, and if you think the children are dressed a bit strange...that is because it was crazy dress day:

Love Mia & Meg's concentration :) serious snack time!

I'm assuming the music is on?

Mia's teacher, Miss "J" really gets into the theme :)

her outfit was hysterical - she was wearing her daughter's

old prom dress!

When I picked Mia up on this day, her teacher stopped me to tell me what a smart girl my Mia is :) She told me how Mia knew there were 4 fish, how to spell her name and how her speech has really improved :) She is making friends and interacting so much more with the other children :) To say I was busting with pride and joy would be an understatement :)

Big smiles for this mama!


Red Thread to my Daughter said...

It is so fun to watch Mia grow in so many ways.

barbara said...

Looks like she is doing great in school. She seems so happy and comfortable. I am thrilled for you and Mia!!! Adorable pictures!!!

Colleen said...

What a smart precious girl Mia is! How fun to get a glimpse of her day in school! I have to say for being crazy dress day, Mia sure looks adorable!