Monday, March 01, 2010


Lisa, Melissa, Michelle & Me!
On Saturday, my friends and I cooked up a feast to celebrate Chinese New Year. This is our 3rd year doing this and we are getting really good! Paige's mommy Lisa, hosted this years bash (thanks Lis!); and her home looked so festive with New Years banners and lanterns. She even had dragon fans for the kids to color!

Ella, Owen, Meaghan, Paige, Mia & Mikey
Owen, Meg, Paige & Mia - so nice to have ALL our kids home this year!!!
Brian, John, Mike & Ed
Ella & Paige (Mia jumping down!)

Paige is such a social, cutie-pie, she put her arms up to my hubby and wanted to be held :)

Look at this sweetie-pie!!

Mia coloring her dragon fan

Meg, Ella & Mia
The girls!

Mia loved riding this ladybug around and around

The dinner - ALL homemade!
We had shrimp bok choy, orange beef, sesame chicken & ham fried rice
As Lisa plainly stated, "not bad for a bunch of white women!" :)

Mia & Mommy with our lantern cakes
(which I found on nickjr! They had a nice CNY section with recipes, crafts, etc!)

Mia & Meg enjoying dessert!
That is Lisa's Taiwanese dessert to the left - yummy!!

We really enjoyed our evening with this special group of friends. It still amazes me that we don't have to go far at all to find friends who share such a special bond. We are truly blessed ~

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Barbara said...

Boy are you lucky...what a great celebration! The kids look so adorable! I love Mia's hair that way...she is precious!