Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Return of the Employment Letter!

Fedex rang the doorbell today and it was the employment letter, returned and certified! What a nice surprised!

I had the rest of my documents notarized today (thanks, Mary A!).

Then, I need to have them certified ~ I guess I can do that while I am waiting for my I-171H (remember, I have to send my petition to adopt a foreign orphan (I-600A), along with copies of our birth certificates, marriage license and a "small" fee). It can take 30-90 days to get this I-171H back (with the dates for our fingerprinting) Let's hope it's closer to 30 days ~ crossing my fingers, toes, etc.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jo,

Missed you yesterday! Now the pressure is on for new information every day! This is all good news--hope thing keep moving along smoothly. Barb