Monday, November 27, 2006


We decorated for Christmas this weekend, inside & out! What fun (although my husband may despute that!) we had covering the outside with bows, lights and Christmas signs!
We put up the tree and I just love looking at the ornaments and remembering....when we got them, who gave them to us ~ I just love this time of year!! I just hope, hope, hope that Mia will be with us by next doesn't look likely at this point, but you never know!

The photos below are our annual "let's put the angel on top of the tree" marathon (it starts with Anthony placing it atop the tree and then, of course, Eddie has to do his part...fixing her skirt!). It is getting harder and harder for Ed to hoist Anthony up that high, while he fidgets and tries to get the angel to stay put...but it's fun and sweet and a real nice tradition, I think!

*Just look at the happiness on their faces ~ priceless! I wonder what part Mia will have in this tradition...maybe blowing the angel a kiss ~ what a nice picture that will be...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jo,
That is such a nice tradition. The boys look like they are having a ball. I can't wait for the day Mia joins in all the fun. Love, Barb