Friday, December 01, 2006


I had the pleasure of hosting our neighborhood's annual cookie exchange party last night!

We had 12 attendees and everyone baked about a dozen cookies per person. We had so many delicious varieties; lindzer tarts, pinwheels, a few types of chocolate cookies, biscotti, butter cookies, secret santa cookie surprise, chocolate chips with nuts and berries, rugalah, peanut butter kiss and chocolate crumb bars (I think I named them all!).

After grabbing a cup of tea or coffee we loaded our plates with the cookies and started our "tasting". We all voted on the "yummiest cookie" and the winner is....for the 2nd year in a row....Melissa for the chocolate cookie crumb bar ~ yes, they were as good as the name!!

We enjoyed each others company, laughed and stuffed ourselves ~ what fun! At the end of the night everyone grabbed a big bag and took home 12 different (dozens) of cookies to enjoy throughout the holiday season!!

Thank you everyone for ALL of your hard work... I think our 2nd Annual Cookie Exchange was quite successful!

*With the depressing news in referrals from yesterday, this cookie party was a welcome diversion! P l e a s e let the next set of referrals be H U G E!!


Kim said...

What a fun idea...I might have to get one started. Was the winner the cookie with chocolate, nuts and berries? The reason I am asking my friend just told me about a cookie like that. She said it was out of this world.

Kim said...

Yes, I would love the recipe. Thanks so much!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jo,

I had such a wonderful time last night. I am still full today! Your home looks so beautiful and festive. Mia will be coming into such a warm and loving family. What a blessing. Love, Barb