Wednesday, December 27, 2006


We did, indeed, make the newspaper on Christmas Eve! There was a picture of a family already home with their little girl; and there were about 3 other families included in the article. I wasn't totatlly impressed - there were some "misprints" and comments I wasn't thrilled with ~ but it had a possitive feel to it.

Ed really didn't understand why I wanted to be interviewed - what good would it do, "why would I want to do this", he asked me. It took "a little" convincing and he never actually spoke to the reporter. I told him I was hoping it would touch someone to adopt from China or ... anywhere!

What I was hoping would come out of this article...actually did happen!!!! When Ed went back to work on Tuesday he was approached by someone who had read the article. He and his wife had been interested in adopting from China and wanted to know about our agency and some other info. I had Ed give him our email address, if they had any other questions. I just about cried when Ed told me - it feels soooo good to help in this way ! I'm happy we got involved and I actually think Ed is too :)

*Just spoke to Ed from work and he said yet another person approached him about the article. He and his wife have 2 sons and had been talking about adopting too. How... interesting :)

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Anonymous said... is so interesting how our lives can carry a message and touch others...the way yours did and does! That is wonderful.

It was nice to see you in print!