Wednesday, December 20, 2006


I received a phone call from my adoption agency today asking if I would mind being interviewed by a pretty well know newspaper (at least I read it everyday...)~ the subject being: Families in the financial industry adopting from China! Supposedly there are many families in this industry adopting from China and we will be among a few to be interviewed. The story is supposed to be a "happy, uplifting, end of the year" article ~

What could I say - "yes!"

My first interview went well. The reporter was very interested in our adoption, how we came to adopt from China and about the long process. He seemed pretty well informed and knew about the new regulations going into affect in 2007. It is kind of funny because he only spoke with me and for those of you who know me, you know I am not the one in the "financial industry"; he will talk to my more financial-half tomorrow ~ that should be very interesting! My husband is not the talkative type...stay tuned for Part II of Families in the financial industry adopting from China and Ed's one word answers!

*I hope and pray that this article will touch someone or encourage others to adopt from China. That would be just...great!

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on your first interview - how exciting! Glad it went well...