Friday, December 15, 2006


We're so excited!

Telling Santa their "secrets"

Yes, they've been very good boys!

Another successful Santa-meeting!

The boys were so excited ~ this was the day we would visit Santa! Thank goodness the line wasn't too bad and the line moved quickly. We were one person away from Santa when they broke the news ~ Santa had to take a break! We passed the time by looking at decorations, people watching, Eddie had to use the bathroom- I tried to hold him off, we talked with other families, yup- Eddie still had to use the bathroom ~ but, Anthony spotted Santa coming back!

Santa came on line and shook hands with all the kids and patted Eddie's head - how sweet! It was our turn and Eddie yells out "I have to do poo, poo!" ~ why did I want him potty-trainned?

It all worked out and he sat on Santa's lap as you can see above. They were SO happy and so was mommy. Oh, I hope they always believe...

(Eddie did use the potty in car - other drivers wanted our parking spot - they honked horns - some even gave thumbs up - some others gave dirty looks - but, Eddie took his good ole' time!)


Tamara said...

Now that's a really Mommy moment! I had to lol! I want to try photos with Santa this week too- wish me luck, hee hee!

Aunt Debbie said...

That's my nephew!
Always the character.. even with Santa!! At least he has been a good boy this year...
I am very proud of you- keep up "good work".
Love, Aunt Debbie
PS- I will put in a good word with Santa when I see him...