Sunday, January 07, 2007


Wow, what a gorgeous weekend in N.Y.! The boys have spent most of their time outside; which is nice. This mommy has been cleaning up after packing away all of our Christmas decorations, and to have the boys outside really helps a lot! The house looks so bare now!

I feel better that I left a "negative" comment for CNN following their disgusting show Friday night on China adoption. They call themselves a "news shows" - that wasn't news, it was... ignorance and stupidity rolled into 15 minutes! If you had the pleasure of missing this show, you can read about it here: and scroll down, I believe it was the 3rd show aired. I am really just saddened that they would air a show where no one seems to have done their homework on the subject. You will find they ask questions such as, "What's the big deal with Chinese children?" and "Why the infatuation?"
I'm sure this topic will come up for discussion at FCC's MOM'S NIGHT OUT on Friday ~ which I am SO looking forward to!

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Debbie said...

Hi Jo,

I read that article.... ther are no words...
AS a person with no kids.. I was shocked at the insenstive guidelines that are currently going to be enforced for the China adoption process! These little girls need a home and they should only be so,so lucky to have any family take them in as their own- and give them unconditional love and guidance for a better life! Any family that wants to adopt these precious children should not be penalized on how much they weigh, their income and sex of their partner! Someone should ask the question back to China... then why are there so many little girls up for adoption anyway... why do they think the girls are not valued, and worshiped like the little boys! Isn't that distriminatory! All children... girls or boys, in any country should be loved and cherished, no matter what. And mostly be given the right to a better life and future. Isn't that the point ???
Sorry, I got a little worked up...