Monday, January 01, 2007


HAPPY NEW YEAR! I am so excited to see what 2007 will bring to my family~ a daughter would be nice (hint, hint); but realistically that doesn't seem possible at this point. But, who ever said I was a realist??

I was just reflecting, as is common to do on New Years Day, and I just wanted to share all that was accomplished in 2006 ~ I'm pretty proud of myself!

FEBRUARY 4TH: Attend adoption seminar (where a newly adopted baby put her darling hands on mine and looked up into my eyes- this is meant to be!)

MARCH 22ND: Sent our application to GWCA (Anthony saw the paperwork and was thrilled to be getting a sister from China - love my Ant.)

MARCH 30TH: We're accepted! (So excited, but soooo nervous-kind of like finding out you are pregnant!)

APRIL 6TH: Sent in our first agency fee

MAY 11TH: Ed & I have our physicals

JUNE 5TH: Our 1st and 2nd Home Study ( I should have gotten a medal for getting thru this!)

JUNE 15TH: 3RD Home Study

JULY 14TH: 4th and last Home Study

JULY 17TH: Our completed Home Study is approved by our agency!!

JULY 22ND: Mailed out the I600A

AUGUST 4TH: Received fingerprint date

AUGUST 15TH: Fingerprinted (and found out I don't have "much" fingerprints left!?)

AUGUST 31ST: Received I171H!

SEPTEMBER 11TH: Sent Dossier to our agency! (I just remember kissing the package good-bye... a lot of love and work went into this!)

SEPTEMBER 15TH: We are DTC! (I was so happy our agency sends out dossiers weekly!)

OCTOBER 16TH: We are LID! (The wait begins, but it feels so good to have a DATE!)

What a Timeline...I know others did this all much quicker than we did. But, this is OUR timeline and a lot went on inbetween these lines (or dates, should I say). There were a lot of "signs", if you believe in that sort of thing. I will have to go into that someday ~ some amazing signs ~ I know now that all the very "sad things" that happened, had to happen in order for us to be right where we are right now.



Michelle said...

This is a great recap! Each day of 2007 promises to bring you one day closer to Mia! May you have great love, peace and happiness this year!

Red Thread to my Daughter said...

Happy new Year Joanne. You should be proud of your accomplishments. Includiing having two great kids and a great husband and of course wonderful friends :).

Here's to a new and exciting year!!

love Lisa

Barbara said...

O.K. between the music and how nicely you worded this entry...lets say you are off to a great start in the New Year. I hope we are all pleasantly surprised and Mia comes sooner than expected. This year to come will bring many moments of excitement...from receiving pictures of your baby girl to preparing for her arrival. I don't blame you for telling 2007 to "bring it on!" XOXO Barb closerclsoes in and in the mean time it will be so nice to watch as you get closer to your oeach day that passes brings you one step closer to your little girl. aa4ed, shocked er ankkk.

Anonymous said...

You've come a long way, and it's nice to see it recapped like that. You and your family have accomplished a lot, and you said it so well...that you had to cross that bridge of pain to bring you to where you are now. The best is yet to come, and hopefully sooner than expected. Bring it on, 2007!
Love ya,