Thursday, January 18, 2007


I know I shouldn't encourage him, but he looks so cute listening to his big brothers "ipot", as he calls it. It also gives me a couple of minutes of uninterrupted time to get something done or make a phone call.

Since I'm on the subject of how cute "little brother" is; the other day we were shopping (Poppy came along for the ride) and Eddie saw a globe and asked Poppy, "where China?" ~ brainwashed or just inquisitive? Just too darn cute!!!


Tamara said...

oh yes- the ipod. Quite popular in our home too. Little brother looks like a pro at listening to big brothers! How cute. BTW did you give him a geoography lesson on where China is? grin

tracy said...

I'm a newcomer to the i-pot and I'm addicted! I just wonder if I look that cute listening to it???

Aunt Debbie said...

My nephew gets cuter and cuter by the minute!
Love that adorable Eddie!

Barbara said...

Love that picture of Eddie. Keep the pics coming please. Alexa wanted to know if Anthony knew that Eddie has his IPOD. She was very concerned that Anthony would not be happy! I asked for her silence...lets hope for the best lol!