Saturday, January 27, 2007


Ahhhh, my boys. I love them both dearly and they each have their own unique personalities and interests. Anthony, our first born, loves baseball and any sport you can think of - this winter he joined a chess club. He is just SO good and so far he is unbeatable! So, that is why I call him the "Chess-master"! Go Ant!!!
Then, their is Eddie, our second born, he loves appliances, lights, tools; do you see a pattern here? But, his favorite thing ever.... is the plug! Where ever we go, whatever we do; if there is a plug in sight, well, as you can see he will point it out. He not only wants to point them out, but he wants to have a plug discussion, count the plugs he sees and just plain admire them! That is why I call him the "Plug-master"! Go Eddie!!!
*You probably think my blogging troubles are over since I am posting. Sorry to say I still have not solved the problem. The only way I am able to get into my blog is if I create a new blog! So far I have 4 new blogs! This is crazy ~ this new version of blogger STINKS! I am so frustrated!


MKBookWorks said...

Your boys are adorable... imagine how much fun their little sister will have sharing all their activities!! LOL

Mom to the Empress

ps - try signing into new blogger with your username @ and see if that works!

Tamara said...

What great boys! And obviously smart too! I'm so glad I'm able to comment on your blog again, I think it was blocking me out too.