Monday, February 05, 2007


The boys really had fun at the Super bowl /Birthday party we attended. There was great food and lots of neighbors and friends! I'm not sure what teams were playing (not a big football fan), but I know the Giants weren't involved even though the boys wore their jerseys (die-hard fans!).
Hope everyone enjoyed their Super Bowl Sunday!


Barbara said...

I love these pictures...looks like you had a great day!

MKBookWorks said...

How FUN! Thanks for visiting EFP. You have to sign up to view specific agency WC lists.. it is not hard, but once you are DTC it is harder to switch AND if you view a list from one agency and are DTC with another - it is expensive and tricky to switch agencies and programs. You can always view WC on though.

Good luck & Hang Tough!!
Missy - Mom to EFP

Tamara said...

Your boys sure looked like they had fun- I see even the dog got into the action!