Friday, February 16, 2007

4 Months Since LID !


In a way I feel like, "wow, we have 4 months behind us and we are that much closer to Mia!". But, then I also feel like, "it's o-n-l-y been 4 months, it feels longer"...

I wonder (all the time) how much longer it will be...when will she be born...will she be taken good care of... So many questions, and only time will tell the answers ~

Here is Eddie modeling with his crafts from our Chinese New Year class. He made a paper lantern (which he put under the table and pretended it was a "light up lantern" and he was camping... in the class!!), and also a noise maker which he decorated. It was a cute class; however, there were NO little Chinese girls in attendance! I was really hoping to meet someone home from China with their daughter.

I look forward to attending these classes in the future with Mia's China Sisters (to-be)!

By the way, CONGRATULATIONS to Paige's family on their LID ~ We are so excited for you!!


tracy said...

Woohoo! Happy 4 down!

Red Thread to my Daughter said...

4 months down....... when I think back to when you were just finishing up your dossier...and I was beginning.... the time went quickly.

Just think possibly next year at this time we will be waiting for your referral...just remember what was going on last year at this time and how fast the time has gone.

At least we have each other......
Eddie is sooooooo cute.

Love me

Barbara said...

It looks like your class was a lot of fun! Hope Eddie had a great time. Keep the pictures coming...the boys are too cute.