Tuesday, February 13, 2007

WHAT A COUPLE...of cuties!

This is Eddie's buddy, Hailey ~ just had to post this adorable picture. Don't they look like they're dating!!? Who knows, maybe the prom? Wedding? Grandchildren? O.k. , I'll calm down.

They met when they were just a few months old and really have a great time together. Eddie loves to make her laugh! Our play dates with Hailey, Josh(little bro) and their mommy are always filled with fun, food and craziness!

What a blessing Hailey's mommy is to me!

*We're off to another play date ~ have a great day!


Trish said...

I had to come out of 'lurker' mode to comment on this one... :-). Yes, what a cute picture - indeed! I forgot to tell you, Hailey put this picture in her photo album. Who knows, maybe we will be future inlaws, ha! Talk to you soon.

Anonymous said...

Tooooo cute!!!
Love, Miriam

Tamara said...

Ahh- they are cute together. Happy playdate.