Friday, March 16, 2007


5 Months LID Today !!!

This past month flew by ~ I cannot believe we've been logged in for 5 months already!

I had a dream last night and I think it was about Mia. Someone gave me a baby and she needed a bath. I remember in the dream I kept looking at the baby and thinking, "does she look Chinese?"
After the bath I was drying her off and I got distracted by something and when I looked back at the baby she was eating my foam ear plugs (I've been sleeping with one ear plug for years, since living in the noisy city!). I was panicked and I kept swiping the ear plugs out of her mouth! This baby had a ton of those ear plugs in there and I thought I would never get to them all!!! I ended up waking up; but I wrote this dream in Mia's journal ~ this date may have some significance and I wanted to record it! Only time will tell ~


Tamara said...

Hmm- that sounds like an anxiety dream to me- who'd have thought you'd dream about ear plugs, hehe.

laura said...

ok, jo, i sleep with foam ear plugs, too! and i am always paranoid jack, 2, will find them and EAT THEM!! now i am sure i will have that nightmare tonight!! cuz laura