Monday, April 23, 2007


I'm finally back to posting, the last few days have been busy getting ready for a baby shower ~ it was for Meaghan Grace's mommy, Michelle (see side bar for blog under Mia's China Sisters: "Meaghan Grace").

We have been plotting and planning for weeks and boy was she surprised! We got her here under the pretense I was having a pocketbook party; and the picture below shows me on the phone with her about 15 minutes before everyone was to arrive!!!

Here she is walking in the door ~ demanding to get first dibs on a bag :)

This is me, Michelle, Lisa and Melissa ~ all 3 of us planned the
shower together; and I am so relieved everyone had a great time and
that we were able to welcome Meaghan Grace into our lives
in such a special way!!

We cannot wait to meet you Meaghan!

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Kimber said...

This looks so fun! I follow Michelle's blog (we are in the same Yahoo group) so it was fun to see her shower here. thanks for the recipe. I make one very similar to this.