Thursday, April 26, 2007


What a fun and crazy night I had last night at our Annual PTO Fashion Show & Chinese Auction! We started off by buying raffles tickets ( many local businesses donated gift baskets of goodies, dinners, a pitching machine, etc) and then walked around looking at all the great prizes and choosing which bag we wanted to drop our raffles tickets in - it was hard to choose and I ended forgetting where I put most of my tickets...

Anyhow, we ate and watched the fashion show where the models were our own teachers, administrators and aides. Then, came the time we were all waiting for - the prizes to be raffled off! Well, I did hear my name and won a HUGE bouquet of flowers - I screamed and clapped along with the table of women I was seated with (I actually thought I'd won a bouquet of flowers every month for a year...and then found out it was just that one bouquet)...that's o.k. because look how pretty they are!!!

Then, to my surprise, I heard my name called AGAIN!! I screamed, clapped and jumped up - I had no idea what I'd won (I wasn't paying attention) and then I learned that I won the following:

This GREAT lounge chair for the pool AND a jet ski for the pool!!! I was daydreaming about my boys racing around on this and just the look on their faces when I brought it home - I was thrilled!!

When I went up to claim my prize, they seemed confused and said someone had claimed this..."Uh? Maybe I hadn't heard my name after all?". Well, they checked and low and behold - I did win it! They told me to claim my prizes at the end of the night because they were so big "he, he" :) They actually made another announcement saying I was the winner and someone else was the winner of another prize, just to clear things up.

O.k, the end of the night is here and my buddy, Jenn said she'll help me carrying ALL of my loot back to the car. I spotted a woman dragging MY PRIZES across the dance floor heading for the door!! I thought she was one of the workers and said, "Hi, thanks, those are mine" and she says.... "oh, no I won them".


I tell her, no they are mine and proceed to take her over to the raffle bags and look through them one by one until I find the right bag where MY raffle ticket is stapled onto! Then she says, "oh, I believe you". :(

WOW! Now, I still think she thought she'd really won and was confused .. most of my neighbors think she was booking it out of there because she knew she hadn't and wanted this great prize for herself ~ I'd hate to think someone would do that especially when this is all for charity.

I'm usually not a big winner at these raffles or even gambling, but last night was
MY night :)

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Anonymous said...

How fun! Winning flowers is nice in and of itself, but to get the chair AND the jetski, which I know would be such a thrill for the boys...WOW! It certainly WAS your night - good for you!