Saturday, April 28, 2007


I almost canceled our appointment for Eddie's pictures because of the rain, but I'm so glad I didn't!

This picture is Eddie to a "T"... arms crossed, usually with a scowl; but somehow the photographer got him to smile! I had to promise him something "special" ~ about every five minutes ~ it worked and it just cost me a Spongebob book!

I just love the angel and his sweet facial boy :)

Here he looks so grown up with his hand in his pocket. I actually remembered I took a similar picture with Anthony at 4 years old (couldn't find the smaller version and it was too difficult to shrink the 8x10 or I would have posted it next to this).

It's amazing when I look back at Anthony's 4 year pictures, he was still a baby... and it was so long ago. I almost want to freeze time, because before I know it I will be looking back at these pictures and, oh... it will seem like so long ago.


Daniella said...

That is one handsome boy! Great pics - I'm glad the rain didn't stop you!

Barbara said...

I love these pictures so much. I remember the picture of Anthony in the same position :) He is just too cute! They both are!

Anonymous said...

Unreal these pictures are, he is too cute!! The hand in the pocket is too much, him and Anthony are precious to say the least...

Michelle C (Aunt Michie)..