Friday, May 04, 2007


ahhhh, I could look at "her" all day long :)

My 3 best girlfriends and I went to a neighborhood pocketbook party last night and this is "who" I came home with (besides a wallet and awesome sunglasses!). It was a tough decision, which everyone at the party would attest too!! Sorry if I drove everyone a little crazy... a lot crazy! But, I can be somewhat indecisive... to put it mildly!

Lucky thing China does the matching for me! Could you imagine????? I would come home with about 10 daughters or it would take me a year (or two) to decide!!!

One day Mia will accompany me to one of these parties . . . o.k., I'm daydreaming about my daughter and I together picking out pocketbooks and it's hard to go on . . . o.k., I'm back ~ so Mia will come with her mom and hopefully she will be better at making decisions than her mommy!

Anyway, what a fun, fun night ~ we laughed so much and came home with bag-fuls of pocketbooks (some of us!) . . .


Kimber said...

"She" is lovely. You will have so much fun doing the girl thing. I am! I am so excited for Michele to travel soon!


Princess Diaries said...

First of all, all that decision making landing you one FABULOUS purse! I'm in pocketbook envy right now! What fun to dream of the day when You and Mia will browse for fun girly stuff together!

Barbara said...

What a great time we all had! At least we are indecisive together! If that doesn't explain why we have been together for so long than nothing will :)

Debbie said...

Yes, it was a fun time!!
Bags, Bags and more Bags!
While I left with 3 fabulous bags myself :), the best part was the company!
Chalk it up to another "Wild" night on on the town- Girls!

Daniella said...

Very lovely indeed! I want that bag! I love bags - just got back from the Bahamas celebrating my mom's 70th b-day and got me a nice D&G bag - Did I mention I love bags? Enjoy your new puchases(s)!