Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Who shows up for dinner like this? Why, of course, that would be Eddie! Dressed in his fireman-best ~ that is a "fire hose" hanging out of his hat. Daddy even thought this get-up was picture worthy, so I ran for the camera. Oh, Eddie I have so many "blackmail" photos to share with your future wife and children - "he, he"!!

As if Penny wasn't a character all on her own ~ this is Penny with her new "baby", and when I ask her where her baby is, she will actually run and get one of her stuffed animals! I am always looking for new babies for Penny because, well, she wouldn't be voted mother of the year. She shakes her babies and pokes holes through her babies - she tries to love her babies, but somehow they always end with a huge hole! The stuffing falls out all over my floor and then baby ends up in the garbage.

I am always looking for new babies (the "stronger" dog babies don't work either!) and I mentioned this to a few people. Anyway, Trish, my friend and neighbor is behind this new baby you see in the photo. Penny looks hysterical running around with this accordion "baby" (it's a baby book, but she already ripped the closure off). Let's see how long Penny will "mother" her new baby . . .

Ahhh, then the end of the day comes - some peace and quiet. Anthony helps to calm things down (sometimes!)

I just love our crazy house :)


Barbara said...

Oh My Eddie...why don't these pictures suprise me??? :) I love the shots of Anthony reading to Eddie. That is so sweet!

Anonymous said...

How cute are these pictures! Eddie is too cute, they are great shots! What a great big brother Anthony is, and you can see that in these photos! You have a great crazy house Jo!

Aunt Michelle :)