Friday, July 06, 2007


It's that time of year again ~ the nieces have come to visit :)
We've been busy seeing movies, eating, shopping, eating, swimming, eating; and we have a trip planned to the water park this weekend.
I enjoy their visits SO much and each time they come it's more fun than the last ~ amazing!

The boys just adore their cousins too - there's always a lot of silliness going on. I cannot wait for Mia to meet them. The girls had me print out pictures of Mia for them to keep and show around - so sweet. It just warms my heart to see how much EVERYONE loves Mia already :)


Dawn said...

Wow gorgeous girls!! Enjoy your visit.

tracy said...

What beeee~utiful bathing beauties! Enjoy!

Barbara said...

OMG the girls are getting so big! Where does the time go? Jo, are you sure those are the same babies i visited at your house all those years ago? My aren't we georgous!!!!

Princess Diaries said...

What beautiful nieces you have.