Friday, July 13, 2007

THE moments

I just love when the camera is handy (or make a mad dash for it!) and I catch these very special, meaningful moments in my boys lives.

It makes me ache for Mia to join our family. I cannot wait to catch all The moments she will have with her brothers.
You are in my heart already, my precious girl; but I need you in my arms . . .


Daniella said...

Great photos - I can't wait to follow your journey to bring Mia home.

Barbara said...

I just love the pictures Jo. These are precious. Mia will be here before you know it and boy will she have a ball with her big brothers!

Lori said...

Ethan wants to know who won the chess game?!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jo -

How cute are these pictures!! Too cute. Before you know it, Mia will be right there beside them, and you will have more memories to capture!

Aunt Michie :)