Wednesday, July 18, 2007


We took the boys to the city yesterday ~ "A" has been interested in the Statue of Liberty (or "Livery", as "E" would say). We took a nice little cruise around the harbor. Afterwards, we ate at Planet Hollywood; which the boys thought was "cool" and "fun". Getting around the city was crazy and hectic; but we enjoyed our day and were ready for bed when we returned home :)

*We decided to get our Visa for China while we were in the "area" ~ one step closer to our girl! Since the rates go up starting August 1st our agency sent out an email saying we could get this done now (since it's good for 6 mos.) - it's a good sign ~ Mia will be home BEFORE 6 months!!

"A" took this photo for Mia's scrapbook ~ it was about 95 degrees and we'd just walked about 5 Avenue's! It was hot and we were tired. Oh, and after this picture we had to walk back again to the subway ~ Mia is definetly worth it :)


Lori said...

Looks like a good time, and yea for the visa!! Getting so close!!

Daniella said...

Woo hoo, your getting close!!!! I can't wait to see her picture. Loved your list btw -

Anonymous said...

I love the symbolism of your visiting the Statue of "Liberty" on the same trip you made to get your visa - preparing for freedom...the freedom to hold your little girl, her liberation from the orphanage and her old life in China. It is just on the horizon!

Barbara said...

I love the pictures, as always. Congrats on getting the visa...Mia is getting closer and closer :)

amy said...

What fun pics!

Anonymous said...

Wow Jo! It looks like you had a great day! Nice memories. It's always fun to go to the city, I haven't been near the Statue of Liberty in years! Congratulations on getting the visa as well!

Aunt Michie...:)