Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I've talked to them and hopefully prepared them for our absence...but how do you really say good-bye for 15 days? This is so hard and almost heartbreaking when I think of how much I'll truly miss my boys...I've NEVER been away from them this long and missing their first days of school is just the mud on the cake!

I have some gifts wrapped for them and we made a chain out of construction paper. They will take a ring off each day and countdown to our homecoming ~ just typing "homecoming" makes me smile :)

"A" and "E" I love you more than words can say; and I honestly cannot wait until we drive up the driveway, open the door and feel you guys jump in our arms!!!!

You are the BEST boys ever!!


Debbie said...

Absolutely loving the chain idea.. (so touching!) and what wonderful,loving boys you have!!

Jo- before you know it.. you, Ed and Mia will be HOME!!
Still counting the days/hours till we see you.. :)
Be safe- Love you!

Donna & Andrew said...

What a sweet post! Have a safe journey and you will be home before you know it.

My-T said...

What a great idea that I will one day steal! Love the photo and they are certainly very handsome boys.

Barbara said...

Hi Jo,

Love the chain idea!!! I bet the boys will be ripping those off each morning. I Anthony told me a funny story about this picture lol! I will share a laugh with you on this one lol! I am doing my own countdown over here. Can't wait to see Mia's 1st picture! I will be waiting patiently!

amy said...

You homecoming will be awesome

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys, It's 10:15 AM BY us I'm on the phone w/mom now and she just wants to let you know that they saw both of you on the camera but only could only here 3 words. Can you hear or see them? Mom tried to reach you at the hotel but could not get through. Everything is OK The boys just want to hear your voices. Hopefully you recieve this post. Love ya's both and hope all is well, Mary

Lori said...

Oh boy, I don't know how one does that, I know many have, and it's incredibly hard....something I DON'T look forward to!
Best of luck, I'm looking forward to sharing in your homecoming celebration!! :D