Friday, August 31, 2007


We made it to China and we are tired, but happy to be in our daughter's birth country!

Aug 30st - Thursday: we left real early for the airport and didn't encounter any problems with delays or lost luggage! The plane ride was extremely l-o-n-g, as we sat across from a 2 yr old boy and his mother - for the entire 13 1/2 hours he was either yelling, crying, running up and down the aisle or crying!! We were not able to sleep, but had a safe trip!

Aug31st - Friday: we arrive in Beijing and find our guide easily. We also see some of our travel group that I have been "talking " with online for the past few months - it was sooooo exciting to meet Shandra at last!

We took a small bus to our hotel, which is very, very nice! We were to meet downstairs in the lobby if we wanted to go to the grocery store to buy waters at 5:30pm. Ed and I unpacked alittle and layed down for a few minutes, but we were late by 5 minutes (which is NOT like us) and we missed them leave!! We panicked and tried to commuicate to the hotel staff that we wanted to call our guides cell #, but they wanted us to use the business ctr and we had to convert $, but the person at the $ counter was not there! They finally took pity on us and called her and told her what was going on...needless to say we got to the grocery store and all was o.k.

Everyone was doing their own thing for dinner, and our guide told us we could eat at this restaurant in the hotel, she pointed it out and told us that the menu was also in English and it had pictures. Perfect, since I'm a slightly picky eater :)

We got to the restaurant and sat in a small room surrounded by bamboo and it had some pretty haning beads for the doorway - adorable! The waitress comes in with the menus and tries to take our order, but it was somewhat confusing. I asked if anyone spoke English and she smiled sweetly and pointed to herself and said "little" and I asked if there was anyone who spoke "more" and she gave me that sweet smile...

One funny thing: as I saw dumplings on the menu - I thought o.k, we'll have these, but it said 26 and I thought that was way too much for us - turns out that was the price - we've been laughing about this in our exhausted state!!

I hope I can upload the picture of Ed eating expertly with the chopsticks - we didn't get forks until a waitress walking by starting cracking up at ME trying to eat with them. She ran past us and came back with forks and then proceeded to stir my meal for me!

The beds are as hard as everyone says, maybe harder. Especially when you are so tired that you trip over the edge of the bed and fall flat on your 1 am inthe morning!

Today: Saturday, Sept 1st: We are off to breakfast and then for our tours ~ I'm so excited to see the Great Wall!

*I'm unable to load pictures at his time - the computer has been very difficult to use here! I will work on that and hopfully be able to share with you.

ANTHONY & EDDIE: Mommy and daddy love you and will call you later, we'll get this skype working sooner or later -


Anonymous said...


I amm soo excited to see your blog updated and soo happy that you arrived safely! Just two more days til' Princess Mia!!!! I am soo excited for you and cannot wait for Monday!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi mommy and daddy sounds like a wild trip. can't wait until we get Mia. I love you. I miss you.

love anthony

PletcherFamily said...

Joanne! So glad to see that you made it safely! I am not sure if you can read the comments from China, but I wanted to say hello and tell you to have a WONDERFUL time! I can't wait to read your blog every day!
Take care,
Jennifer and clan (from June dossier dance)

trish said...

so excited for you Jo & Ed - will be checking often. so cute to see a comment from Anthony :-)! Love, Trish

Daniella said...

Happy to read you arrived safely - the dumpling thing made me laugh - that would be us. Just a few more days til Mia - yeah!!!!!

Barbara said...

I still can't believe you are in China my friend! It is all so exciting! I have been thinking (and dreaming :)) of you constantly! Alexa says "Hi, Congratulations and Good Luck!" I am so glad that you are able to post & cant wait to see/hear more about your trip! One more day to Mia ...yeah!

Debbie said...

OMG - Now you are really in China!! For real!
It is so wonderful to get to experience this journey with you and Ed.. feels like we are all there with the two of you! Keep the posts a'coming... we are all awaiting the arrival of the Princess Mia tomorrow!! Sending hugs and kisses :)