Saturday, September 01, 2007


Travel group at Tian An Men Square

At the entrance to the Frobidden City

Sept 1st: Saturday:

We had a packed day here in Beijing! We started the day with a buffet,which was very good - I stayed safe and had french toast, fruit, banana bread and I also tried a fried dumpling - all very good. We met more of our travel group and one of the couples who will go to province with us - very nice people!!

We hopped on a tour bus and our first stop was Tian An Men Sq - we just keep looking at each other and saying , "I can't believe we are here!!" The square was huge and we bought an umbrella for Mia for her room, however, it was extrememly hot and I hope she doesn't mind mommy got some use out of it to shade herself from the almost unbearable heat! The Forbiden City was massive and had so much intricate details where ever you looked. I had my first run in with a squatty potty and it was beyond gross - very hard to describe just how disgusting it is, but ...everything "splashes", if you get my jist (yuck). But, if you have to go, you'll go just about anywhere!
Imperial Gardens in Forbidden City

Then, we went had a yummy authentic chinese lunch and experienced a cloisonne factory. After luch we were able to shop and Ed and I had SO much fun. It was so easy to buy and buy, because everything was gorgeous. My favorite purchase is matching bangle braclets for Mia and I.

We were off again to the Great Wall - words cannot describe how huge and pretty this really is. We started off great, but my heart was beating out of my chest halfway up to the tower. Ed and some others kept their pace. I turned around and started back down with some others and we ended up hanging out at the bottom. All the other husbands came down one by one...but where was my "wild man"? Soon I was left to wait and wait and ge the picture. I was starting to worry, then I was getting mad! He had my water!!!

Then, when I was ready to send out the army (and a strecher ) for him, I saw him making his way to me with the other couple who we had met at breakfast. He was beaming and so proud - he made it all the way to the top and waaaaaaaaaaay past that! He got a t-shirt stating his accomplishment and we will get copies of the pictures from the other "heros", that is what our guides said people who make it all the way are called.

My hero is out getting us Subway,as we have a 4:30am wake up call!! We will take a plane to Mia's province and get her the next day! We are so close honey!!

*Anthony and Eddie : you would have been sooooo proud of your daddy - we had an amazing day, but thought of you so much too. We miss your giggles and your you boys!
About to climb the Great Wall!!


qUeEn oF tHe cAstLe said...

I am SO excited to see Mia in your arms. Praying for you in NY! ~Cynthia

Barbara said...

You go Ed! I am impressed! I can't wait to see your matching that idea :) You 'sound' great Jo! Can't wait to see your next post! Miss you!

sea star said...

I've never read about anyone that has climbed that far on the Great Wall, I'm very impressed.

Debbie said...

Hi Jo!
Sounds like the two of you are having such a awesome time in China- seeing the country as you are!And experiencing the local customs and yummy cuisine too!
What a beautiful way to learn about your daughter's homeland!
Can't wait for the next posting :)
Be safe and Love you!

Anonymous said...

So excited that you are there - Way to go, Ed! We're thinking so much about you guys...can't wait to see more.
Love, Miriam