Sunday, September 09, 2007


Today we had to be up and ready to shop at the jade store and pearl market! Mia woke up around 7am and was hungry as usual. As we made her bottle she munched on her very favorite Cheerios ~ I don't know what I would do without them. If Mia isn't sleeping, she is eating - and she gets testy if she doesn't get what she wants!!

Mia is up and dressed for the day with her dolly
and thumb! (This is the doll from the care package!!)

Yummy Cheerios!

Love my, really I LOVE them!

We enjoyed our outing and bought some real nice pieces ~ we got some Pappa John's pizza to bring back to the hotel when we were done shopping. We walked around and hung out with our buddies, Michelle, David and Lia and had a great time as usual! It is so nice to have made such great friends and we cannot believe we met only a week ago!

Then, we brought the girls to the Swan Room again to play. Mia just has a blast. It is so nice to see her so happy. I wonder all the time what her life was before us. I don't think she has ever seen a rug, as she is fasinated by them and when the tile turns to rug as she is walking, she has to squat down and lift her foot "over" onto the rug - it is so funny! She also touches and feels everything as if it is the first time!

Found the ball again!

She lights up the room!

We met for a group dinner again at a Cantonese Restaurant. We took up two tables, as we are 9 families. Mia had her staple: congee! I better learn how to make this because she just adores it! I hope she likes pastina (my Italian friends know of this dish) because I am a pro at that....but congee - oh boy!

Daddy, Mia and Mommy at the restaurant
(Daddy tried duck ~ don't tell Madison!)

I turned to look at Mia and she had
fallen asleep - too much shopping?!

We left shortly after and returned to
the hotel; however, Miss Mia is talking
and joking in her crib as I type?!
*Anthony and Eddie: I hope you are having a good weekend. We are so busy here with your sister, but think about you ALL the time: what you are doing and where you are at that moment. I miss you both so much I can't stand it! You boys are just the best, funniest, cutest, sweetest guys around and you are going to have a ball with your sister! I am blowing you kisses 1/2 way around the world at this moment...catch them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


cousin laura from nj! said...

LOVE the photos!! Mia is so
happy...she is absolutely in her comfort zone with both of you, after only 6 days...amazing!) I love the beautiful photo of all three of you at dinner. by the way, what exactly is congee?! my favorite chain pizza place is Pappa John's, and I can't believe that they are in China! (does it taste the same?) I can't wait for Mia to meet her big brothers..very soon!! May God continue to bless your remarkable journey through Mia's birth country.

cousin kali from nj! said...

This is cousin Kali Diamond. Mia is such an angel! Bless her soul! She will live a happy life with her forever family! I can tell that Mia will be a special person that will forever be loved.

Debbie said...

Oh Jo,
Loving this blog more and more every day! Mia is truly an ANGEL sent from God and how blessed you all are!

OMG- Wait until Miss Mia see's all of the toys back home she has waiting for her and especially her new beautiful "Pink" room... from what I see, she is an already happy little girl... but now she will be the Princess she was always meant to me!! :)

And must I say - the family pictures of you, Ed and Mia - just loving them so much!(pictures of Mia are all over Aunt Debbie's frig with the rest of my precious Neices and Nephews, of course!!)

Enjoy the rest of the new memories you are making with the few days you have left and continue to be safe during the rest of your spectacular journey thru China.
We love and adore you all and can't wait anymore- COME HOME!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures..I really look forward to my daily dose of MIA...
Love Lisa

Daniella said...

Great pictures - so glad things are going well. I think pastina might be a good alternative. I just love pastina!!!

Lori said...

How beautiful you look with your daughter!!
Love the one of her sleeping...a perfect angel!

Dawn said...

You look so happy, and so does Mia! She is so cute and I bet those big brothers can't wait to get their hands on her.

Barbara said...

I just can't believe how perfect you fit together...I must say from these pictures you look like you have been together forever! Meant to be! Wait until you come home and add those 2 georgous boys to the family shot!!! I can't wait to see that! We definitely won't tell Madison about the duck...Uncle Eddie how could you!? Mia is so precious. It is hard to picture her getting testy about anything...she has the face of an angel! Can't wait to check the blog tomorrow! You make my day with your posts! Love You & Miss You!

Michelle said...

Hello again! I am loving all of your pictures. It was especially nice to finally connect today. Mike took a cute picture of Meggie looking at Mia. She blows kisses every time she sees her...too precious! Looking forward to seeing you VERY soon!! Lots of love and enjoy your last few days.

Anonymous said...

I can see that Mia does light up the room - her smiles get brighter each day! You can see how she's eating up your love along with all the food...just wait 'til she gets home to all the love and fun that awaits her there. Wish I could see her right away along with everyone else in NY!
Love, Miriam