Monday, September 10, 2007


Today is one week since Mia walked into our lives ~ it feels like we've known her so much longer and yet we still have so much to learn about each other.

We had our usual buffet breakfast here at the White Swan - our favorites are the french toast and banana bread. Mia still enjoys, you guessed it, congee! I have been trying different foods and sometimes she'll try them and other times all she wants is the Cheerios or congee. She has been drinking out of the water bottle cap (not an easy way to give a drink, but for now that's what I have to do).

We walked around and shopped some more - we are tired of the store owners coaxing us in and asking the same questions over and over , "how old is she?", "where is she from?", "where are you from?", blah, blah, blah!

Good morning!

Mia is so tiny, I had to change this outfit for another!
Am I ready now?

Mia goes next door to call for Lia ~ let's shop!

Daddy and Mia take a walk
After lunch at Lucy's with Lia and family, we headed
upstairs to change for the red couch photos!

Mia and Lia are ready for the photo shoot!

I feel pretty!

Guangxi girls: Lia, Mia & Abbey

Too many pictures where taken & not a good one
to speak of - it's a lot harder than people make it look!!!

Mia is always on the go

I can't stand still!

Lia & Mia by the waterfall

Mia is sitting pretty!

Back at the room ,Mia finds her baby!

We're done now, Mom ~ can we play?
Tonight we go to a Thai Restaurant, the Cow & Bridge - we've heard so much about it and look forward to another yummy dinner. (The food is sooooo much better than I thought and I am eating about 90% of it and enjoying it - all us Guangxi families feel that the food in Nanning was better so far)
*Kisses to my boys - we are coming home so soon - can't wait guys!!!


Anonymous said...

Can you believe that your were actually at the red couch??? Amazing. All the pictures were so adorable. I love Mia's pink couch dress. Can't wait to see her.
LOL Lisa

Michelle said...

I LOVE the dress Mia is wearing for their red couch photo!! She is just so precious!! Best wishes tomorrow for CA and visas! Only a few more days!
Lots of hugs and kisses for Mia!

trish said...

Gotta love the tutu! She is such a little cutie! Thanks for all the great posts - have a wonderful remainder of your trip. Love, Trish

Debbie said...

The picture of all of the girls on the Red Couch- just precious!
And the dress you choose for Mia- just perfect for a little Princess!

I was happy to here you are trying the Thai cuisine (Keeping my fingers crossed that you liked it!)so when you come home.. now we must have one of our girl's night at my favorite Thai place! You make me proud, my friend! :)

4 more days till you are home!!
Sending love as always!

Barbara said...

I am counting the days, hours and minutes until you come home, though I will miss waking up every day and rushing to check the blog. Mia looks beautiful...plain and simple! Talk about the headband! So glad to hear you are enjoying the food and having such a wonderful experience! It really seems like an amazing trip!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jo

I just love Mia's outfit for the red couch photo---it's the pink tulle skirt, just like you wanted!! She looks sooo pretty! I am soo enjoying your blog every morning! Can't wait to see you guys!!


amy said...

too precious

Ronda said...

Beautiful-Congrats and safe travels home.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys from the

These pictures are priceless! Mia is so adorable! It seems as though she has been part of your family all along! She looks so beautiful in the clothes!! What an experience this has been so far. It's great that we can share this journey with you. I look forward to the blog to see what comes next, and the pics of course, they are just great!

Aunt Michie :)

cousin laura from nj! said...

What beutiful memories you are making in your daughter's birth country! Your little china princess is now a reality...Magnificent Mia is your forever daughter! Can't wait to see your Christmas card with all three of your children's happy smiling faces! Safe return home and God Bless You! Laura, John, Luke, Kali, and Jack

sea star said...

I love her little skirted outfit for the red couch! It's adorable! She looks so happy and I'm sure your ready to get her home to those beautiful boys!

Anonymous said...

Another great day of pictures! Miss talking to you, but SO glad for the blog! Love you, Kara

The Blessing that is LIA said...

She is just so damn cute!