Tuesday, September 11, 2007


We are heading into the home stretch and spent our last day here with our new buddies, the Lynchs! More shopping and picking up some last minute items and then we headed out to lunch and ended up at the Thai Restautant from last night. We basically ordered what we had the night before (to keep it safe, no chicken feet or pigs toes for us!)

We had to meet downstairs to go to the U.S. Consulate for our oath taking at 2:45pm and we dressed Mia in her patriotic attire! She is always so happy and giggly and such a joy to be around ~ we are so very blessed.

Mia, Mommy & Daddy at the White Swan Waterfall

Mia loves when Daddy flies her around!

And now she likes his shoulder rides ~ it took a few days!

Last lunch with Michelle, Lia & Daivd

Packing for Hong Kong ~ Mia is ready to fly out again (with dolly and thumb!) We will spend tomorrow in Hong Kong and next day we fly out for New York - HOME!!! We are so ready!

Good-bye dinner with Michelle, Lia, David, Tim,
Nicole, Abbey (&us). We ate outside at a BBQ place
overlooking the water. It was beautiful, fun and
memorable. We are the original Guangxi families and
we have a bond thru our girls ~ what special people ~
we will miss you all!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jo

Mia looks soo pretty in her red, white and blue! Can't believe that you are almost home!!!


Debbie said...

Hi Jo,

What a memorable trip you have had!
And the many beautiful memories that will last a lifetime!
You are almost home kids - enjoy your last few moments in Hong Kong!
and Mia looks absolutely adorable, as always!)Fashionista- here she comes (lol)!
Counting the minutes & hours till you are all home!! Be safe!
Love always :)

Anonymous said...

How adorable in her red, white and blue! You're in the final stretch! Good luck on the ride home. Love, Kara

Barbara said...

You are ready to come home and we are ready to have you home :) Mia looks precious in her dress. I can't believe how tiny she is...I just keep remembering us in the stores debating about sizes! You were so right to go small! I can't wait to meet the little cutie pie in person! Have a safe trip home and enjoy Hong Kong (Ed :)). Sending much love your way!

Donna & Andrew said...

What beautiful pictures. Safe Journey home.

Anonymous said...

I want to wish you a safe trip home guys! I can't wait to meet Mia! She looks absolutely precious in her red, white and blue!! WOW! You have had such an amazing trip. You will have such great memories (glad to hear you stayed away from the pigs toes..lol)..
and stories to tell...see you when you get back!!

Aunt Michie

Anonymous said...

I love that Mia is such a happy girl. She will fit in perfectly with your family.

Have a great time in Hong Kong and a safe return home.


Justin Schweitzer said...

Hello Joanne and Ed:

My wife and I are really enjoying your updates and all of the photos. Congratulations on your beautiful addition to your family. She is a doll. Hope to see many more photos when you return. Keep the updates coming. You are right, you are both truly blessed.

Justin & Jin

cousin laura from nj! said...

God Bless one of our newest American citizens, Mia! Joanne and Ed, your daughter will look back on this amazing journey that you experienced together with love.
You had a clear vision of who your daughter was, and you followed your hearts to find your China Princess half a world away. Thank you for sharing your hopes and dreams with us! Safe trip home...and I hope you all get some SLEEP on the plane!

sea star said...

So happy for your little red, white and blue girl! I'm sure your ready to get home to those cute boys! Enjoy your last day in China.

Anonymous said...

We really enjoyed following you around China, to Mia and beyond! So glad everything has gone so well. Mia is just darling, and looks thrilled to be with you, and is lighting up more & more each day.
This chapter of your journey has ended, and you should be home or close to it as I write...but a whole amazing chapter lies before you - the rest of your lives together. Many blessings to you, and much love from Memphis!