Wednesday, September 12, 2007


SEPT 12TH, WED: We check out of the White Swan and say good-gye to some wonderful people who will be friends for a lifetime ~ that was hard.. next stop - Hong Kong for a day!

Mia helps Daddy check out of the White Swan

I'm on a plane to where now???

Hotel in Hong Kong (Novotel Citygate) ~ VERY

modern...almost too modern, we couldn't figure out

how to open the door and the lights !!

We took a tram to the "sky terrace" or it's also
called "Victorias Peak" ~ some view!!

Mia slept thru most of it (wish I could have too ~I
was beyond exhausted and just wanted to go HOME!)

On the tram on our way back down...

Party pooper, exhausted & not in
the mood ~ I want to go HOME!!!
**Sorry for the downer of a post ~ as you may have guessed I was very homesick at this point ~ don't get me wrong Hong Kong was gorgeous and the people spoke more English here. I was just beyond tired and worn out from our trip!


Debbie said...

I know you are all so tired to say the least .. but one more city and you are H O M E !
The city of Hong Kong looks so beautiful especially from that view. So- enjoy the rest of your trip and have a safe journey home!
Can't wait to see you all!
Love always.

barbara said...

So happy to have you HOME. It was a long journey and now you can settle into everyday life as a family of 5 :) We are so happy for you. Brandon & Alexa can't wait to meet Mia...neither can their Mommy! Feel good, rest up as much as you can and remember there is a lifetime of love to enjoy with your little angel!