Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Yes, the title of my post is true ~ things have been nuts around here ~ not only are we all trying to adjust around here; but Anthony broke his arm Monday evening playing outside with the neighborhood kids!

It was our first ride in an ambulance and a VERY upsetting evening full of pain and tears; however it is a clean break and doesn't need surgery. Mia and Eddie stayed with my parents and of course, she was on my mind while at the hospital, "is she upset", "is she eating" , "Is she wondering where I am"??? Thank God for my wonderful parents who took care of everything (once again) and she did fine!!

It's been rough trying to cater to Anthony's needs and of course Mia needing me so much right now...also, my Eddie who was so upset seeing his brother hurt, in pain and taken away in an ambulance! We have been sticking close to home and will be for a while. My big boy is doing a bit better today and I'm sure with each day it will get easier for him...

Posted a few pic's of how Mia has NO response to a big red golden retriever running around, knocking her down with a big tail and trying to eat her Cheerios! I never imagined this little petite girl just whizzing past Penny and not giving her a second glance ~ it is quiet funny :)

Penny sniffs Mia's drink (she still won't drink formula
or milk from a bottle or cup - only water!)

Mia checks out the big red beast with annoyance!

"Where'd you get this big fluff ball?":Mia
"Where'd you get this little princess?": Penny

"This big 'ole puppy doesn't faze me!"
*Mia's adjustment is going very well - she seems to know I'm the mommy-type person and looks to me for comfort, hugs and giggles. She is independent and has a great sense of humor. She is very stubborn and will not eat anything still besides Cheerios, Ger@ber puffs and sometimes a little pastina; however this morning she did have a bowl of the baby oatmeal w/banana cereal. I tried to give her whole milk with a little chocolate in it and she gave me THE look! "No way mom!"
NEWS FLASH: Mia saw us eating pasta with sauce and did her moan which means "hey give me some" and she actually ATE a plate of pasta!!! We are making progress! Now if she'd only let me put the valve in the sippy cup so it doesn't spill out all over - STUBBORN!!! I guess it's better than giving sips out of a water bottle. I think this is her way of controlling some of her world ~ I just worry about her not taking formula or milk!!


Aunt Debbie said...

I am sending lots of hugs and kisses my precious nephew Anthony and his shoulder! :(
I know right now you are going thru alot with everything regarding Ant, Eddie and Mia's adjustment... but I promise things will get back to normal!! You know we are hear for you.. if you need us!
I am glad that Miss Mia is loving her Cheerio's! I knew she would.. but loving her pasta, makes this Aunt very proud! Good Girl :)
Also- the pictures of Mia and Penny- just adorable!

cousin laura from nj! said...

Love the pics!Kisses to Anthony's broken arm :( Eddie must have been so sad seeing A injured.Penny looks like she's adjusted to Miss Mia's arrival!Mia sounds like she's in control...girls!(I am humming the Janet Jackson song)Thank goodness she likes pastina,with an Italian mama,right?!Are you able to sneak in the liquid vitimins into her
food/drink (ask dr.for poly-vi-flor presription)?That would make up for the lack of variety in Miss Picky's meals.Also, if you are concerned about calcium intake, try orange juice fortified with calcium, mixed with 1/2 water.My kids like freezing it into those ice pop molds (i got mine at "five below"), then she slurp her vitimin c and calcium,and make a mess at the same time!Good luck! :)

qUeEn oF tHe cAstLe said...

I would try Dannon drinkables with a straw or Stonyfield makes the BEST strawberry yogurt. I'm sure if you keep trying things she'll eventually get it. Is there any way to make congee here in the US? (May sound stupid but I have NO clue what it is) Spinach pastina is a favorite in this house too but I'd also try a cream of wheat or oatmeal. Thank GOD for the Gerber puffs! She is SO beautiful...I'm thrilled to FINALLY see her home. Congratulations!!!!!!

barbara said...

So nice to find a post on your surprised me this morning :) I know you are just a tad busy over there right now. I am so glad that Anthony is feeling a little better. Like i said every day will be a little better...i promise. Also very excited about Mia eating a plate of pasta. I knew she would come around sooner or later but we'll take sooner any time :) Love the pictures so much!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jo:

I'm sending my love to Anthony for a speedy recovery. I can imagine just how scary that was. How cute the pictures are of Mia! She is making progress, eating Pastina! I like!! She is too precious. It seems as though she was always here with you. I'm looking forward to seeing all of you real soon. If you need anything, please give me a call, I'm here always...

Aunt Michie :)

Shandra said...

Oh my. So sorry to hear that Anthony has a broken arm. Sending hugs and well wishes from TX.

I think Lilah and Mia must have talked about the big dogs. Lilah is having the same relationship with ours.

Kimber said...

So sorry about Anthony's arm! Wlecome home to you all! I loved watching your journey in China!

Three kids feels like a crazy house to me still and Kate has been home almost 6 months!!!

Hope it all settles down soon:)

Mia looks very happy!!


Anonymous said...

Oh no! A broken arm? Ouch! Poor guy. I can't believe the timing . I feel for him - and for you, with your hands full. Hope his recovery is a speedy one, and that everything goes as smoothly as possible from here.
Glad to see Mia doing so well - love the pictures. And wow, eating pastina and all! What a cutie pie. Boy would I love to grab her and give her a hug and kiss!
Love, Miriam