Monday, September 17, 2007


Wow, what a whirl wind ~ my head is still fuzzy (yes, more than usual to my smart-allic friends!) and like Ed said, I'm tired of being tired! Jet lag is tough, a teething 19 mos. old is tough; but there are so many smiles and happy moment that cannot be forgotten (in between my whinning!)

Eddie is a really great big brother - beyond my wildest dreams! He pushed Mia around in this little car so carefully. It is so sweet to see this compassionate side of my little guy (who is still the jolly green giant to me - he looks so big!!!)

The boys pose with Mia in front of this adorable sign my neighbor put up on our lawn. There was a time I truly believed I would never see a sign like this on MY lawn...and here it stands. I really look at it everyday and really appreciate all that is "stands" for :)

Mia is always on the move...always!!

Monday ~ today was back to school and the start of our routine...ummm, let's hope not, because we missed Anthony's bus this morning and I had to wake Mia and get everyone in the car in record time! We made it to school in time, but what a morning!! We did get Eddie to school on time, so 1 out of 2 isn't bad!

Mia has been smiling more and more. Feeding her is a challage, as she just wants cheerios and bananas (but she won't eat a banana once its been skinned!). I"ve resorted to tricking her into thinking I'm giving her a cheerio and then quickly putting a spoonful of pastina or oatmeal/banana baby cereal in her mouth! I tried to trick her with Annie's macaroni and cheese pasta and she screamed...yup, "screaming Mimi" was NOT happy with me!!

Mia with her cheerios and "baby"

"Mom, let's not forget to pick Eddie up at Pre-k"!
Both boys are home from school and scatter-brained mommy is getting ready for open school night! Mia will be home with her brothers and daddy...keep fingers crossed all goes smoothly!!


sea star said...

Nothing like seeing all your joys play together! So glad you are home safe and sound and you are right, there is no place like home!

Thanks for sharing your trip of a lifetime with us!

Barbara said...

Jo, Love the nice the brothers look with their little sister!!! I am so happy for you and can't wait to see more! Mia is just precious!!!

Daniella said...

There is no place like home... So happy that Mia is finally home. Great pictures

Debbie said...

Jo- It' back to reality!
I know everything will fall right back into place as it always does!
The kids playing is such a precious sight and how Mia has just blended right into an already beautiful FAMILY.
(And I don't forget about Penny, too!)

cousin laura from nj! said...

Mia, Anthony, and Eddie! They were always meant to be together, and now they are! They are beautiful! I can tell you from my experience, having had two bigger kids then throwing a third into the mix was a challenge, but the chaos was fun! I thrive on chaos now! I have a cup of chaos in the morning with my cereal and toast! But seriously, every day is so very precious, and the older they get (Luke 12, Kali 9, Jack 2) you appreciate the tme you spend together that much more..Thank God for family, and good friends :) ljlkj

Princess Diaries said...

Jet lag is ROUGH! Don't worry, you'll feel better in about 2 weeks! :)