Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Sept 5th, Wednesday: Today we had to wake Mia again at 7am! She is a really good sleeper and takes it very seriously! It took her a while to realize that we were here to stay, but she is warming up quicker and taking her bottle. We had to bathe her again - she sweats SO much and since she had a fit during dinner last night (she was tired!) she was soaked and I was not looking forward to screaming-bath-time! She also screams when I change her diaper -it really upsets her and I try to get it over quickly - speaking of diapers..."Ta, dahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh": Mia had her first poopy diaper today!! In the adoption world this is major and looked forward to!

We had a nice breakfast in the hotel again and then we headed out with our guide to Qingxiushan mountain, man-made and when we climbed to the top you could see all of Nanning - Mia wasn't too impressed, she just wanted to walk and pick up whatever was on the ground!!

She is coming out of her shell more and more and seems to really be attaching to me. She will let me kiss her cheeks and smile and when she walks away she turns around and "runs" towards me with this huge goofy grin - priceless!

Today, after the mountain, we stopped at a museum and got to see all of the minorities that are actually from the Guangxi province, our guide said there are many! Some women came over to Mia and were talking to her, touching her and she seemed intrigued and stayed with them for a little while. I started to walk and she turned and just "ran" towards me with that big grin - it made me feel so good that she understands these woman, looks like them...but prefers mommy!!

When got back to the hotel, we took a walk around the city and got stares, thumbs up and more stares! When we got to the park a man tried out his English on us and told us he was a retired professor and was happy for the girls to come to America. He said their parents were from the country-side and were not allowed more than one child, but he thought the girls were very lucky to call us mommy. Tomorrow, our group will drive to the country-side and see the tupe of area our daughters are from. I am very interested to see and photograph these areas for Mia to look at someday.

Enjoy the pictures:

The princess struts her stuff!

Pagoda at Qingxiushan mountain

Mommy, Mia and Kelly (our guide)

Daddy and Mia ("get this ape away from me!")

Mia at Renmin Park

Ed was "famous", this man had his girlfriend take their picture,
so I had to take one too!!


Anonymous said...

Hi guys,
You look like you both are enjoying your daughter's birth country. Mia is sooooo cute.. I love all her cute clothes. How can she not love you JO.... Give her a kiss for me... I am loving your daily posts right before work.
Love and miss you.

Debbie said...

What another wonderful day to wake up and see your happy faces!:)
I am loving the pictures of sweet Mia each day and the journey you both are taking with her thru her homeland... well- it's pretty incrediable! And it truly shows.. Mia really does knows who her Mommy & Daddy are!
Priceless, Jo!!

Can't wait until you are all home!
Sending hugs and kisses!

Kristin said...

Congratulations... Mia is lovely! Enjoy your time in China... we were sad to leave!

Michelle said...

At 5:00 on my way to the treadmill (ugh!) I looked for a new post and instead found myself once again mesmerized by her sweet smiles from the previous day. I just put the first crew on the bus and was so excited to see updates. Mikey jumped into my lap and said, "I want to see more pictures!!!" Mia looks like a very happy little girl. I am so happy that she is bonding so well. You are in my thoughts!! Michelle

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jo..Another great day! I'm so thrilled to wake up every morning and start the day with these priceless photos and being able to share these special moments with you. I love this blog!!!Looking forward to tomorrow. Love you, Kara

Anonymous said...

It's always exciting to check in on you guys in the morning, and I'm amazed by how choked up I still get! How wonderful to see how Mia is progressing each day, and to share this special journey with you from afar.
much love,

amy said...

these are just wonderful

Daniella said...

Great pictures and I'm so happy to read how well Mia is adjusting.

Anonymous said...

Mia is too cute, and you and Ed seem to be enjoying her homeland as well, what a nice experience. She looks so great, holding your hand,she is warming up for sure..Ed is famous

Aunt Michie :)

cousin laura from nj! said...

Mia is so obviously comfortable, contented, and very loved by not only her family, but by everyone who has been touched by this wonderful "china princess blog". "Isn't she lovely?"!!

The Blessing that is LIA said...

Mia looks like she has been with u forever! Wonderful!