Thursday, September 06, 2007


Mia still wakes up a little confused and puzzled, but by the time she has her bottle and "checks" things out, she is better.

Our guide took us out to the country-side today. She said this is like the area our daughters were from. It took about 45 minutes and then we parked near a small village and walked through. The people seem to work hard and are extremely poor. They had a small rice field, one of the pictures I took of Mia is in front of the rice field.

We saw women washing clothes by the water and scrubbing them on the rocks ~ Ed said I better not complain about the washing machine anymore! The people were curious and stared at us. We saw small brick homes and a few dogs on our walk.
The scenery was beautiful with the mountains in the background and green for as far as you could see. It was a very sobering experience and our group was very quiet as we walked through. I think we were all thinking the same thing and held our daughters a little closer.

Mia asleep on the bus

Mia next to the rice field

The village

Look Kara, she love the braclet!

Mia checks out the rice field

Mommy & Mia, Abbey & Nicole, Michelle & Lia

A man carries food thru the village

Back at the hotel ~ Mia struts her stuff again!


Anonymous said...

What can I say? Mia is definately a little princess. Love the bracelet. Watch out know this is only the beginning..
The country side is beautiful, yet the villagers probably work soooo hard they dont realize it. Amazing.. Give Mia a kisssss for me. I cant wait to give her one in person. Love and Miss you.

Anonymous said...

What a memorable, sobering experience, going to that small village, so close or similar to the roots of the girls, where people have so little and work so hard. I can only imagine how you all were feeling!

I love the photo of Mia sleeping in your lap - so sweet. And the bracelet looks so pretty on her!
She really does seem to be strutting her stuff, doesn't she? It looks like she senses so much love from you already...
Love & Hugs,

Princess Diaries said...

What a unique opportunity to see the country side. I didn't get to do that when I was in China and never felt like I saw the real China. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Mia is absolutely precious.

cousin laura from nj! said...

Love the 1st photo of Mia in the hotel room! She is soooooooo cute! Love, love, love the shoes! Isn't it fun dressing a girl?! (wait until she's my Kali's age,9: they get shopping fever...just like mom!) What a wonderful experience to travel through Mia's humble homeland.

Michelle said...

What a beautiful day you had today. I am sure the memories will forever be imprinted in your mind. Do you understand now, what I meant by the experience of a lifetime? You have so much to share with Mia one day. Mia is absolutely beautiful. She "glows" showing how happy and comfortable she already is. She knows her Mommy. Now, bring her home so we can all enjoy that beautiful grin each day!!

Debbie said...

It was so amazing to me to finally get to see Miss Mia in action! (and of course you and Ed too!)She looks so happy and content in your arms (except for momentary screaming part, which is to be expected being a PRINCESS and all!)But most of all- the both of you look so happy that you have your little girl (tired, longing to get home- but nevertheless, ELATED! I am so sorry that we didn't get to talk more.. didn't want to take up too much time away from the boys (they were getting restless). But is was worth every second!!
The pictures you posted below get better and better each day - she is an ANGEL! And it really shows how much love she has for the both of you!
Continue to enjoy your journey in China- we miss and love you and can't wait till next week!

A New Little Girl:

A - Amazed
D - Delighted
O - Overjoyed
P - Proud
T - Tickled Pink
I - In 7'th Heaven
O - On Cloud Nine
N - Ever Happier

Just another word to say "Love".

amy said...

what awesome pictures

Barbara said...

How can i begin to tell you how happy i am for you. I can look at Mia's pictures endlessly...she is an angel. I can't wait to meet her in person. I miss you and i am so thankful to be able to be "in touch" through these pictures and words! Love You, Barb

Melissa said...

What wonderful pictures! Ella and I look forward to them every morning. She can't wait to meet another new friend. I can't wait to meet her either! She looks so happy already.

Kimber said...

I am LOVING watching you journey with Mia. I am having some trouble posting comments but wanted yout to know that I am thinking of you all and you all look like you are doing GREAT! Mia is beautiful. I love her smile:)