Friday, September 07, 2007


It is so much fun getting to know our daughter...most of the time!Here is what we know about Mia so far:

Mia is very sensitive and does not like when other babies cry. If she sees someone crying she will walk over slowly and just stand there and stare at them. She will also pout her bottom lip as if she's about to cry too!

Mia finds comfort in sucking her thumb when she is tired or unsure. The Chinese people frown upon this, when we were walking down the street some women ran up to Mia in the stroller and pulled her thumb out of her mouth...Mia just glared at her and stuck it back in!

Mia also loves the hair on her doll (that I sent in her care package!), it is a few strands of yarn, but she touches it and pulls on it when she goes to sleep!

Mia does not like elevators.

Mia loves to eat, but does not like to drink!!! I've tried to give her juice, water, a mixture of juice and water...she only wants to drink out of a cup or the top of my water bottle!! (This does not include her bottle of formula...she will down this!)

Mia is finally beginning to realize that "Mia" is her name!!!

Mia is either eating or sleeping ~ I think she spent too much time in the crib!

Mia is walking better with each day; however, like I mentioned she seems to have been in the crib so much that she is way behind the other babies who are running around (who are a month younger than her!) Her balance is better with each day and I try to let her walk whenever it is possible.

Mia is unsure about daddy...she will peak at him when he isn't looking. Then, when he looks at her she will turn her head the other way! He can hold her, however, she will turn around for me to hold her - I try to ignore her and let him continue to hold her and she won't protest too much.

Mia is a living doll, happy, loves to laugh and is a true princess!!!

Daddy lures Mia over with a banana!

After 15 minutes, she gets close enough for a bit!

Love my thumb!

Happy !


Got your bottle daddy!!



Anonymous said...

It sounds like she is and will catch up quickly. How sweet that she is shy with Ed, and lets him hold her. I am so glad that she has bonded to you so quickly. Mia is so sweet and beautiful. Love the hair clips and outfits that you are putting on. She is going to love Anthony and Eddie.
Love and miss you. LIsa

Trish said...

She is so adorable. I can't believe how much you've been able to photograph her smiling - that's great. Enjoy - I will give Eddie a big hug for you today :-). Love Trish

Barbara said...

She is so adorable!!!! You just fit together like a puzzle. You ALWAYS knew and you were so right! I am so proud of you and so impressed that you never gave up and now you have this beautiful doll. Jo, I miss you and can't wait to see you holding Mia in person. Love You, Barb

Debbie said...

Another HAPPY day in Mia's world!
She just gets cuter and cuter with each day! Loving the pink and brown outfits- she is styling, the girl! One week down.. your almost home!!
Sending more hugs & kisses!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys, Love all the photos! Mia is just sooo cute, we all miss you guys so much and can not wait until you are all home. Frankie is just so excited to meet his new cousin and Joey just can not wait for Mia to come over for dinner. May this next week pass by quickly. Love ya's and miss ya's lots, Mary XXX-OOO

Anonymous said...

Hi Jo!!

Mia is just beautiful and she always looks sooo happy! I'm soo glad that you guys are all doing well! I can't wait to see that happy, pretty face in person!


amy said...

thanks for letting us getting to know her! Shes sounds wonderful

Anonymous said...

Another great morning with you and Mia! I was a little lost yeterday when the days notes werten't there in the am. But, SO glad I'm back on track and all is going so well! You all look amazing and what a wonderful experience every day is. She loves hotels and jewels, uh-oh! I look forward to bejeweling her in the future!!! Love and miss you!!! Love, Kara

Anonymous said...

Hi Jo and Ed –

It was so great to see pics again today! Wow, Mia is such a doll! She is getting adjusted more and more! I’m so looking forward to meeting her! You were meant to be her mother Jo, she is truly a blessing...

Aunt Michie…

cousin laura from nj! said...

Love that cutie pie smile! Mia is precious! Enjoy your beautiful bundle of baby girl!

MKBookWorks said...

Everything sounds wonderful! Miss Mia is adorable and goodness what a smile!!! All will be well - just come on home....

Mom to Empress Fussy Pants