Monday, October 08, 2007


This weekend my best girlfriends and I got together for an overdue birthday brunch. Debbie's actual birth day was the day we arrived home with Mia! Aunt Debbie came by to welcome us home in the middle of her birthday celebration ~ what an Aunt!!!

Me, Debbie, Barbara & Michelle (yes, those are mimosas!!!)
Debbie shows off our traditional "special" b-day charm braclet!!
*As always we had lots of laughs, talked about old times and new times and before you know it they were cleaning up the place around us! Everyone else had eaten their brunch and left and we were in our own usual! Thanks girls for waiting until things settled down for me, and for meeting at a time when Mia was napping! You guys are truly the BEST!
Love you!


Anonymous said...

These were great pics Jo! Brunch was so much fun. The food was delish and the company was even better. It's always nice to spend time with each other. I look foward to our next get together! Happy Birthday again Deb!

With much love,
Michelle :)

Debbie said...

Jo- I couldn't have wished for a more wonderful birthday gift on my actual birthday - then meeting for the very time.. my precious neice (pretty girl) Mia! I will treasure that moment for a lifetime and she will always have a special place in my heart. _________________________

After twenty years of friendship..
(school, college, jobs, dating (boys, no names), love, marriage, babies (Barb's having TWINS.. WHAT!To which I am still not over!)and some things I am not mentioning or putting in writing- we know what they are! (LOL) So many great moments to count...

So there isn't enough "Thank you's" to you, Barb and Michie for a more wonderful birthday celebration - (you know how much I love, love doing the Brunch thing, makes this girl happy!) and the beautiful charm bracelet you all gave me! We will forever be together no matter where we are.. and what a treasured momento that I will hold close to my heart.

Ok- I am ending this here..
I am so blessed to have you all in my life... as friends, sisters and my family!
You are my BEST girlfriends and
I love you!

amy said...

Glad you all had a good time!

Barbara said...

It is always such a good time when we get together. Happy, Happy Birthday's to many more birthday celebrations to come (slowly please!). Thanks for the pictures Jo...what nice memories.