Saturday, October 06, 2007


"Mommy, why am I dressed like this?"

"Dance class? Oh boy, I think I'll need my thumb..."

"Why so many pictures mommy...why???"

"My brothers give the best hugs!"

"Thumb? check! Ladybug? check!
O.k, I'm ready to go..."

"Hi Meg, what do we do now?"

"Look at Taylor go!"

"Itsy bitsy... what??"

"Wow, mommy really loves me; and
I think I'll keep her even though she
dresses me up all the time..."

"Meg, why are mommys always taking pictures?"

"Daddy, I'm home!!!!!"

"O.k, O.k, I admit it, dance class IS fun!"


Aunt Debbie said...

That last picture says it all!
She is really taking her Princess status seriously.. as every Princess should. Just adorable!
Couldn't wait to see her dance class pics this morning!! :)
Just love her!

Barbara said...

Mia looks just precious in her dance attire. It looks like she had a ball and so did her Mommy! Great pictures Jo...can't wait for your next shots :)

Anonymous said...

I love the outfit Mia.... Too cute to put into words....

Love Lisa

Trish said...

too cute... that is all I have to say!

cousin laura from nj! said...

nothing beats dressing up a ballerina...mia is adorable! gotta love the tutu! (QUICK!!take all the pics you know they grow up waaaay too fast. kali is 9 and wouldn't take another dance class if i bribed her with back stage passes to hannah montana! (but we did get tickets to the 12/30 concert...something else you can look forward to with a daughter!!!!)

Anonymous said...

She's just darling in her little dance outfit! Just wait - in a while you'll catch her dancing around at home, pretending to be a ballerina and you'll know she's hooked! Meanwhile you get to enjoy her taking it all in, in all her 20 month cuteness. Enjoy! I love all the pictures.

Beverly said...

So cute. Love the smiles and the thumb.


Anonymous said...

Now these are great pictures! She is such a little doll, she looks precious! Keep the pics coming. It looks like you both had a ball!

Aunt Michie :)

Shandra said...

What a cutie, Love the pics. Both babies are starting a gym class in Nov. I can't wait.