Sunday, November 04, 2007


It was 2 months on the 3rd, Saturday that Mia was placed in my arms! The days and weeks have been flying by; but the months...seems like so much longer than it is!

Mia continues to amaze us with her adjustments. She now says her brothers name, Eddie! Her little voice is so sweet to hear ~ my favorite is "apple", I could eat her up when she says it!

I was all ready to pull Mia out of dance class. Sometimes it seems like she is overwhelmed and will just want to sit and suck her thumb on my lap; and other times she will cry. I wanted to see what this week would bring, and of course she had a ball! She crawled through the little tunnel for the first time (with alot of encouragement from Meaghan's mommy! Thanks Michelle!); and I was so thrilled I had tears stinging my eyes ~ yes, I know I'm emotional :) Needless, to say we're showing up at dance class next week!

Just a few pictures of my girl ~ we were alone in her room and I was just clicking away!


Daniella said...

Happy 2 months as a family - the time is flying by and yet seems to be standing still :( What beautiful pictures of the Princess. Love the outfit!

Lori said...

ADORABLE!! Love this little outfit on her, so sweet and such a pretty color!

Anonymous said...

Jo, I love reading your blog. And of course seeing Mia's pictures in all the different outfits on...

Time sure has gone by quickly...feels like you have always had her.
PS. glad you didnt pull her out of dance class.

Debbie said...

(I must say that Mia's outfits get more adorable with each picture you take!)
I am so happy that she is adjusting better each day... she has so much to absorb and within these two months.. she is doing fantasic! :)
She is an amazing little girl with the greatest smiles!
Love always.

sea star said...

Happy 2 months together! The outfit is adorable!

amy said...

oh how pretty

Anonymous said...

I just love these pictures! The outfit is too cute! Congratulations on reaching your two months together! She is really doing so well. It's been so nice to share this time with you. Each day is precious and exciting for all of you to experience. She is doing great!

Aunt Michie :)

Brandon said...

I really want to see Mia's room.
Love, your Godson, Brandon!

Barbara said...

What a nice photo shoot you had with your daughter. The pictures came out great. I really love the big smile at the end! Can't wait to see the next bunch :) You waited too long to take dance class to pull her out...I will not hear of it lol! Happy 2 months has been great sharing this time with you!