Tuesday, November 06, 2007


And I thought boys were active . . . Mia is ALWAYS on the go! It is so hard to keep up with her and watch her at all times, because she needs to be watched!! I am so lucky I have my boys, when I'm cooking dinner or doing some other fun household chore, I can say "hurry, where's Mia!?" and I have the two best spies ever!!

I really do think she's making up for lost time ~ she loves to "discover" and look and touch everything around her. It is cute at times, except for the times daddy caught her standing on the kiddie table in playroom; and when someone forgot to close the bathroom door ~ she was caught playing in the toilet!!!!

That smile gets her out of trouble EVERY time though :)


Vicky said...

Mia is SO adorable !! We cant wait to meet her.
Happy 2 mos anniv.

Vicky & Emily

Daniella said...

That smile is going to save her from all sorts of trouble :)
She is precious!

Dawn said...


Mia is just adorable, and looks perfect in your family. I love seeing all the pics of her. Love her with the handbags, girl after my own heart!!

Lisa said...

She is just adorable! Love the purses :)!

Shandra said...

Mia in all of her cuteness! Love the pics.