Sunday, November 11, 2007

Mia has been gaining weight ~ she actually has little rolls by her thighs ~ too cute! I think you can tell in the pictures below, her cheeks are really filling out and you can notice her ONE dimple on her cheek!

Mia is really into her shoes and actually tells me which ones she wants to wear!! Well, she calls them "boo, boo" for boots ~ yes, all shoes are boo 's!! I've been trying to find a dress up shoes for her that do not have the heals, just slipper-like shinny shoes; but I haven't seen them yet. She also seems to understand when I tell her to "go get...the cup" or "give daddy the...." I'm so glad she understands us! Her "screaming mimi" fits have been less and less ~ I guess I am understanding her more too! Don't get me wrong, she's girl who knows what she wants and most of the time will not stop till she gets it! She has a strong will and is a toughy ~ I guess she had to be!

I've been reading the book "China Ghosts", which Meaghan Grace's mommy lent me (thanks Michelle!) and I have seen so many similarities between "Jin Yu" in the book and my Mia! Jin Yu is very "into" her food, almost gorging herself ~ most likely an orphanage-thing where they want to eat before someone else comes along. I was laughing because when Jin Yu walks from a rug to a bare floor, she has to stop and contemplate 'what to do' ....bend down and pick your leg up and over to the other side! This is what Mia did all the time in China! The babies are thrown-off by different textures...

The book has also "forced" me to think about Mia's birthmother and what she went through ~ I'm embarrassed to say I haven't allowed myself to think too much about her. I'm not sure why. I completely feel like Mia was born to be my daughter and I guess I'm not ready to "share" her right now. I'm sure once her birthday comes around it will hit me. I KNOW her birthmother truly loved her, she kept Mia for 3 months (I'm sure she wanted to keep her, but probably got pressure from her husband and inlaws to give her up) and then left her right by a hospital in hopes that she would be taken care of... she also left a note with with her ~ I know this information will mean the world to Mia in a few years.
**On further thought, I lied; I do think of Mia's birth mom when I hear her sweet little voice, when she giggles and when I hear her belly laugh; when I see that one little dimple on her cheek and when I see her wonderful smile. I guess I didn't realize it or want to "go there" just yet...

Anyway.............. I posted some pictures of the kids from this weekend ~ it's getting chilly in NY ~ Fall is here:

~ Concentrating ~

~ Chubby Cheeks ~

~ "These 'boo's' were made for walking...." ~

~ Silly girl ~

~ Just... Happy ~

~ "I'd love to go outside with my brothers" ~

~ Playing army ~

~ Wrong Way! ~

~ "Weeeeeeeeeeeee" ~

~ Saving Private Eddie ~

~ "ahhhh, it's good to be outside" ~


Barbara said...

What great family shots. I love to see Mia and her brothers having so much fun. Mia really is filling out. I haven't seen her in just a few weeks and I see such a big difference...that's great! Have to agree with Mia...I love her boos! She is too cute!

Red Thread to my Daughter said...

Mia has truly blossomed!!! So glad to always see her smiles, as well as those two handsome boys.


Kimi said...

Mia is such a little doll. She had the biggest grin. It's hard to believe she ever gets a temper. My husband and I have been back from China about 6 weeks now and we are having so much fun. They are such a blessing!

cousin laura from nj! said...

Jo, your kids look like mine...out enjoying the fresh fall air on their swingset fort until dinnertime! Your kids are happy, healthy, and very much loved. What a blessed life you provide Anthony, Eddie, and precious Mia.

Lisa said...

You have a beautiful family!

Beverly said...

She is so cute with her great whole body smile.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jo:

I loved these pics! The close up of Mia is truly beautiful! They were such great family pictures. So nice to see..

Aunt Michie :)