Friday, December 28, 2007


Penny had to rest, but we continued to open gifts and "ooo" and "ahhh" over each other presents.

"E" loves all things 'tools' and loved this compressor daddy found in the Disney store. He looks very satisfied, doesn't he?

Mia loved this stuffed Barney, which I had daddy buy very last minute ~ it's these items the kids seem to love the most.

I am getting a huge kiss from my Penny-girl ~ she really is a sweetheart, a love and just the BEST!

We started this "tradition" of taking a picture of everyone laying in the wrapping paper ~ once all the gifts are open. Mia thought we were nuts, but Penny had to jump right in ~ there's no leaving her out!!

This fairy tent is one of my favorite gifts ~ it is just so darn cute. Yes, I would love to move in ~ it would be a lot easier to clean!

Mia likes it too!

Enjoying their gifts!

One of Mia's presents was a dolly diaper bag filled with ...diaper bag stuff. One of the items was a dolly potty....ummm, I know you're small Mia; but your hiney needs a potty a little bit bigger. Should I take this as a hint?

Yes, I heard the angels singing when I saw this. He's coming around folks! He loves to refer to Mia as "the baby"; and he told me today "the baby has the most beautiful eyes, doesn't she?"


Look at those wings...

Sprinkling some fairy dust for all the waiting families ~

Off to little lady!

More photos to come . . .


qUeEn oF tHe cAstLe said...

I have read in other blogs that babies adopted from China (as early as 10 months old) have been completely potty trained. I guess they start as early as possible in the orphanages because of diaper changing so many kids?!??!?!Parents have had to un-train the girls when they get home. Is it possible that Mia has had this happen to her???

Barbara said...

I love all the pictures as always, but the one with Eddie & Mia is the best! The comment he made about her eyes gives me the chills!!!! Yeah, this is going to be a great year ahead for you and your family :) BTW the tent is just so cute (glad you decided to get it) and Max will be thrilled that Mia loves Barney so much :) Great pictures...I could go on and on!

Anonymous said...

just had to comment.... Love love love the fairy tent.. and the wings. I also love that E loves Mia's eyes. All good things for all in the New Year.


Princess Diaries said...

Penny looks like she is such a loving furbaby. I really like the wrapping paper tradition picture. Mia does have the most beautiful eyes!