Sunday, December 30, 2007


Yes, I'm still on Christmas day ~ like I mentioned, my blog isn't "accepting" slide shows and I don't want to post all the photos on one, this is where we're at :)

We dressed for church and came back home to eat lunch and play! Mia seemed to be coming down with something and was still clingy, but she would leave my lap or arms to play; mostly with her new kitchen or in her tent. She had a little lunch and went down for her nap...with Barney.

Not a great picture of us, but it's a picture of my daughter and I on Christmas!!

The wrestling cage is all set up and wrestle-mania continues...


"How'd this slipper get in my kitchen? It is soft though"

Up from her nap (I changed her into her fuzzy wuzzy skirt for her nap. I thought it'd be more comfy then a fancy dress!) Mommy's putting on some of her jewels Santa left in her stocking...

Mommy and Mia.
I will always remember this Christmas fondly; of course we had our daughter home with us to celebrate. Also, we are all healthy and safe; and we are blessed with an amazing family and dear, close friends. No wonder why I'm smiling as I write this post ~ what a New Year it will be - let all of our "success" continue!


Colleen said...

Love all your photos! They are just perfect! Happy New Year!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you had such a unbelievable Christmas! I just love the picture of M and E! Precious! These pics are great, and only the start of happy memories to come. Everyone looks so happy, the way it should be! I agree, I wouldn't mind the fairy tent!

Here's to a great new year ahead dear friend!

Aunt Michie :)

Barbara said...

I think you will always remember this Christmas with a smile on your face. Great pictures as always. Happy New Year...keep up with all the happy, sweet moments. You deserve it:)