Sunday, December 30, 2007


Hooray, my nieces came to visit! Unfortunately, Mia ended up getting sick with a bad cold and slight wheezing! (I've never experienced the wheezing part with my boys, so I was so scared! "We" had our first nebulizer treatment at the doctors office and she seems a bit better now.) So, I didn't get to spend much quality time with the girls...but they were so excited to meet their littlest cousin...

Mia wouldn't let the girls get too close ~ they had to admire her from afar...

They got a little closer... the girls were surprised Mia will be turning two in February, as she is teeny tiny!

Mia "let" her cousins come up to her room, however she was more interested in reading her books for the moment.

Finally I got a picture of Mia with her GIRL cousins!! Yes, they snuck next to her ~ can you tell from her expression??!

Thank you to my nieces for being so patient and for giving Mia the space she needed. They just wanted to scoop her up, but with Mia not feeling the best she was not in the mood for "newness".

Cannot wait to see "K" and "A" for February break ~ hopefully everyone will be feeling well and we can spend more time together ~ I miss you guys!!


Debbie said...

All of the "girl" cousins together.. how much fun Mia is going to have - shopping, make-up tips and doing girlie things with them!
It's a litte girl's dream come true!
And OMG- the girls - still can't believe how the time has passed.. when "K" was just a baby!
Both the girls are beautiful!

Barbara said...

OMG the girls look so big and so beautiful. I swear they just keep getting prettier. I can't help but think of Krissy at 3 days old laying on her Dad's bed while you and I just looked on in awe! Where does the time go???